Dexter and family


Rhonda –


Hope you all had a great holiday.  Sorry it has been a while since you have heard from us but we have been extra extra busy!  I wanted to share with you how well Dexter has adapted to the family and been doing.  He has caught on quite well and rather quickly.  You can definitely tell he is mine and my oldest daughter’s dog.  Being home with him on a daily basis has worked wonders for the dog and bonding with the girls.  My husband laughs because he is on a “schedule”  and very to the point because I have made him like that.  He is used to his routine with me and will definitely voice his opinion if someone is not sticking to the schedule!  He gives my husband a hard time if he does not do something just right.  He is a very smart, sweet dog and knows his way around the house.  He is great with the kids and their belongings.  He got a bunch of toys for X-mas and knows which are his.  He does not bother any  of the girls things.  He loves playing his toys mostly on the stairs, don’t ask me why.  He has learned to love ice cubes as a treat. 


Haley, my youngest daughter, who cried when we picked out the dog has a very surprising strong bond with Dexter.  She is the toughest with him and the least afraid.  Funny how that worked out.  The girls have both nicknamed him Dexter “Dude”.  We absolutely love him and could not ask for a better dog. 


The vet says he is doing great!


I have attached a couple of pictures for you to take a look at.


Talk to you later, Denise Dougherty

Runt and his little girl

Hello,just wanted to send you a picture of Runt and my granddaughter.She loves him.


I dont know if you you remember me but I came from Wentzville to get a puppy two years ago.I named her Brindy .I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with her.The first few weeks were tough but she settled down and became a wonderful pet.She is spayed and likes to go to a doggie park in the city.Everyone says how pretty she is and how unusual her coloring is  with the dark red.I hope I dont need another Boxer for years but when I do I will come to you. James Benton

Rhonda ,

    I wanted to send you a picture of Sugar.She is sweet at sugar and we love her dearly!

Kensey the chimp and her pet Boxer

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the puppy you sold us is doing great! Kensey loves her and they are becoming fast friends! Thanks for working with us on her .

Bosco Walker

Here is a picture of Bosco.He is a great dog and is very good with the boys. He is gentle and doesnt bite or jump on them.He doesnt chew up things and housebroke like a dream!!We are verry happy he is a member of our family. Derek Walker

Wrangler puppies


So sorry this is soooo late!! I have been meaning to email you a long time ago...   Anyways, the puppies are all doing great. The runt is still small, but I guess that is why we call him the runt, right?!  I think Allie is weaning them off the milk. They are so cute! We are having such a good time playing with all of them every night!
We wanted to say thank you for all your help. Thanks for answering SO many questions and taking so much time with us. We couldn't have done it without your help!

Have a great holiday weekend!
Kelly O'Briant

More Wrangler puppies

We have puppies!!!!!!!!!!! Nine of them. Will let you know when I need the approval for papers. Thanks for a wonderful litter!!! Teresa Cunningham

Gabby Davidson

Rhonda ,here is a funny picture of Gabby for you.She is so great! I dont know what I would do without her.She can't ever replace Rex but she sure makes it easier.She is like Jinx and loves to have pictures taken of her.Thanks


Oscar's family


Just wanted to try and keep in touch.I am the guy who came from Columbia with my daughter to pick
out a Boxer.
Just letting you know he(Harley) is doing very well. He is growing like a weed.I am taking him to obedience classes and working with him
daily. Right now I am trying to teach him role over.
I hope we can come and visit sometime this summer.
I'll check with you guys before we come.
See Ya
Donnie Miller


Thanks so much, Bernie had his last round of shots yesterday and weighs 22 pounds…they grow up too fast!


Tennille Langdon






Hey Rhonda, we just wanted to send you updated photo's of Chango. He is doing very well in his obedience and tracking work. I have also just started him on a soft sleeve for his bite work training which he is excelling in with great will and high drive. We want to thank you so much for bringing him into this world so that he could be a part of the family. The pictures I have sent is his big brother Snuggles the 9 year old American Pit Bull Terrier which has gotten a second wind running and playing with Chango in the backyard since he has arrived. Thank you so much Rhonda.

OJessica and Eva Perez


Hi, Rhonda.
Just thought I would let you know that Taz is adjusting nicely to the surroundings here.  She has had 2 visits to the Vet for puppy shots.  They say she is perfect, but I already knew that!  The first visit she weighed 14 lbs 8 oz and today she weighed 18 lbs 4 oz.  She is filling out so I don't have to worry about her getting through the fence anymore.  The first 10 days she got out 4 or 5 times while we were out with her. 
She is doing good walking on the leash.  I have taken her 5 times in the past week.  The last time was this evening and she made it a mile.
Taz is the complete opposite of Jade.  She is much more loving and wants to be with us all the time.  If I leave the room she comes looking for me.  Jade was very aloof and more like a cat than a dog--if she wanted your attention she would let you know.  Taz is very much a cuddler and wants to be in your lap. Sue


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we love little
Zoey. She has definitely come out of her shell and is a spunky little gal,
just like you said. I took her to Webster Groves Animal Hospital and
everything checked out just fine.Thanks Sandy Kreig

NYX-Black and Rust Doberman

!Hello Ronda and family!

This is Wes and Andrea and we adopted one of your dobes almost 2 months ago, Nyx!  She has been a wonderful hand full to say the least!  Her biggest problem, unfortunately, is me :(    I just dont know when to say stop or no.. but we're are working on that problem with some puppy obedience classes (Which is helping me out alot :D ) and alot of puppy socialization classes at one of our local vets!  

Nyx is just a little over 30lbs last time we checked last thursday which puts her at almost 10lbs / month  :D
I'll send some pics your way really soon promise! 
She escaped out
of her kennel (at 3am in the morning after we took her out to potty so
she was a little wound up and we were to pooped to play) and then
broke our other dog out as well so now we have to double lock her
kennel at night so only those with opposible thumbs can let her out,
so other than being super smart she is a total joy to have around and
I want to thank you again for the most welcome addition to our newly
started family!

Have a wonderful day and hopefully u found our little lock pick story
as entertaining as we found it!

I will send some pictures of Nyx shortly..She is by far one of the most beautiful dogs i have ever seen and we feel espcially lucky to have the opertunity to own her :D!! Wes

Addie-black and rust Doberman

Hey Rhonda- Was just writing to let you know that the new puppy is doing great!! I named her Adeline, Addie for short. She is into everything!! She has no fear of anything!! She is fantastic and we all love her so much.
   I'll be mailing her report from her first exam. Dr. said everything is great. Thank you so much for everything you did for us. I'll send pics as soon as I can. Thanks again, Amy


She is doing well and has learned sit, come, sit up, lay and working on heel.....we are doing our best with impulse control lol she has the attention span of a gnat!  We will be getting the back yard fenced in at the end of the month so her and punch can run free in the back yard. Punch likes to be chased and with taunt her into chasing him around in giant circles until they are exhausted.....    She has had some sensory overload since she has been here in we make sure we take them to different places everyday on our walks.  We are working on ignoring aggressive dogs barking at the fences, meeting new people and dogs. We live in a pretty lively subdivision so always something new for her. We do  a lot of submissive exercise like not entering or exiting the house without the "OK" ,  getting close to her face etc when she has a bone, giving up whatever she is playing with to receive a new toy/treat.  I don't mean to sound overly strict, I still let her be a puppy and play...just don't want a 110lbs chaos machine :)  Also , we have already got the crappy comments "you got a doberman, they are mean , better not bite my kids"  coming from a person with a I pulled up a nice article about doxins being one of the highest bite rate dogs and some good lit on dobermans....and keeping in my purse for the right occasion. Not to say doxins are bad...just putting the point across all breeds can get a bad rap because of some bad owners/breeding.



Lucy-retired female and her wonderful family

Boscoe Ace and Justin Walker Both Boxers from Casino Kennels

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Bosco and Ace.  They are the best of friends!
Not long after we picked up Ace, Justin came down with pnuemonia.  I think maybe they knew he was sick in the last picture! 
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Thanks again for everything!

The Cunningham granbabies


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My name is Angela  I'm not sure if this e-mail will find you but I hope it does.  I bought a male fawn boxer puppy from you 3/1/2008.  His dad was Fat Boy and his mom was  Rosie.  We named him Fatty Boy Tyson Christopher.  He is the best dog I have ever owned and he is doing great.  We loved the breed so much we rescued a brindle boxer as well.  Tyson and Tigger are like brothers.  I didn't know if you ever wonder what becomes of your pups when you let them go so I wanted to send you some pictures of what a great dog he grew into.  Thank you so much for giving us a true gift.  Angela

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Hi Rhonda!

Just thought I'd send some pictures of Ginger so you can see how big she's getting. She's playful as nobodies business and has developed a love for plush hedgehog toys :-) We have four of them so far, haha. We've also playfully started calling her Gigi for short. Hope all is well, thanks for a wonderful pet!



Well it has been a while, but wanted to give you a heads up on Zoey
Robbins-Wood. I hope you remember us from Hannibal, MO. She was in the
litter born 9-1-09. Well I will be sending pictures to you soon, but she
has been spayed and I have to get that information to you as well. She is
spoiled rotten, rotten, rotten. We just love her. Her and Rosie my doxie
and Maggie my German Shepherd is all getting a long. Poor Maggie tries to
keep up with her, but she is 13 years old and sometimes she just can't hang
with a young Dog. God help us when something happens to Maggie, but we
will be getting another. I am simply amazed at how smart Zoey is and
how good she is with people and other animals. She is the best puppy we
have had. Anyway I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I
will be sending all the info regarding her spay to you soon. Thanks again.

Shelia Wood
Rodney Robbins


Echo and Cisco are doing great.  Cisco has made best friends with one of the barn cats who comes in the house every day to play with is quite a funny site.  I think the cat thinks he is a dog. Echo is doing great, she is a complete 180 from the last dog I had. She just loves loves loves everyone and is that doofy puppy, puppies should be.  I am really happy I gave a second chance on the same breed with one of YOUR dogs.  Her ears are even doing better. I think after she is done teething, I will not need to post them much longer. Tell your vet the crop is gorgeous and he did a great job.It was well worth the extra time to get her and I sure want to that you for being so much help!  I did use the euro rack on her and I think that was a huge help being able to get the ears up before they were healed.  Snaffy will even play with her, and it took her over 6 months to decide Punchy was worth playing with so that says something lol.  I will send some pics after her ears are done so you vet can use them as examples if you wants. Since I spoke with you last, I got engaged :) Getting married Oct 16, 2010.  Have a great Christmas!-Thanks Angie

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Hi there. Thought we would give you a new update. Saw the new litters, how cute are they?!!!   She is so smart-it's like you can talk to her in sentences and she knows!! Been working with her so she can pass the CGC test. It's going good.  She knows it all even staying when we tell here.  I can even throw her ball and tell her WAIT-then GET IT and she will. We can tell her LOOK when she don't see us throw it and she will look around for it.    We are very happy and love her to death.  Thanks so much. 
Travis and Angela Irvin

P.S.  we have been calling her dusa moosa for a nick name!!!

This is David Kenyon, the guy who bought "Bill" from you awhile back (7/05/09 litter).  Just wanted to check in and let you know that things are working out great with Bill!  He's such a cool dog!  He was 48 pounds at his last vet visit 3 weeks ago, and he goes in tomorrow (12/01) to be neutered.  We've continued taking him The Dog House (Tom Rose) for training, and he's coming along great. He's developed a very sweet relationship with my four year old daughter Heather, who not only named Bill, but initially referred to him almost as often as "Billy-Buddy-Boy" hence, Bill's nickname "B-3."  (If you were curious, Bill's favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz and his favorite song is The Scarecrow's "If I Only Had a Brain.")
Honestly, we can't take Bill for a walk without people ogling over him.  Everybody ogles.  Trainers at The Dog House clearly ogle him more than most of the other dogs tha

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Hi Rhonda
Here's a picture of zinny at thre and a half months. He's doing great,
just finished his first seven weeks of obedience class, (was top in
the class!).
I hope you and your family are happy and healthy for the holiday season!
Thank you again for helping us get such a great dog, we love him to


Hi Rhonda and Bill,
We love your guys' website.  Your  kennels look awesome too!  We saw Duke and Gizmo on there.  That is really cool:-)  They both get along really well and are always playing with each other.  Gizmo is still a love bug.  She always wants to be by one of us or laying on our lap.  Duke is only a love bug when HE wants too..LOL  They are the best dogs.  Duke had to go to the vet yesterday and weighs 67.8 pounds and Gizmo is around 63 pounds.    Everyone that ever sees them, especially when we go for walks, talk about how beautiful they both are.  We always tell them to go to you guys if they are looking for a boxer!!! thanks again!!                  Misty

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Hi paisley is doing really well. He has progressed very well in potty training.  The vet said he is a very healthy pup. I love him he is really at home here and couldn't of asked for a better puppy!  Still up in the air with the ear crop though...
The pictures are when i took him home for the first time visiting my family and our one bulldog daisy.